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Car Parts

Driving at 5 AM on the foggy and greenery forest in the winter season is the feeling that takes you to a different world. However while driving, every time one question strikes my mind that how these cars work? What are the parts by which car has been manufactured, or simply I can say the major parts of the car, by which the car moves.

Cars are made of many components but the 3 major mechanical parts are:

1) Engine

2) Transmission

3) Axle

Let’s talk about the Engine!!

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1) Engine (Heart of the car) :

Each and every parts of a car are very vital however engine is the heart of the car. The magic happens in the combustion chamber. This is the only place where air, pressure, fuel and spark all comes together to create a small explosion, because of this small explosion the car’s pistons move up and down and this is the place where the potential energy is created. The combustion chamber is made up of the cylinder head, piston and cylinder. You can see in the image the hood is open and engine is inside the hood.

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2) Transmission:

Without transmission car cannot move. In a power transmission system there is a machine called transmission, which provides controlled application of the power. The term “Transmission” refers to the whole drive train, including gear box, prop shaft (for rear-wheel drive), clutch, and final drive shafts. This is the place where kinetic energy or momentum is created.

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3) Axle:

An Axle is a rotating bar on which a wheel, a pair of wheels or another rotating part is attached. An Axle which is driven by the engine is called a drive axle. On wheeled vehicles, the axle is always fixed to the wheels, rotating with them. At the mounting points bearing or brushings are provided where the axle is supported. Modern front-wheel drive cars typically combine the front axle and transmission (differential and gear box) into a single unit called a Transaxle.