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Auto Spare Parts

The automobile industry in the United States started in 1890’s and so far, it’s the biggest auto industry in the world. In a survey it is found that up to 2026, the demand will be Three to four times more than now.

Everyone loves to drive a car, either “U”, “I” or anyone, specially the person who is passionate about the cars. But, just sitting in the driver seat, controlling the speed, and holding the steering wheel doesn’t make you a good driver. A very famous quote from Cicero says “Safety of the people shall be the highest law”, which means the first thing which is essential while driving is safety. A good car driver makes not only by the way of his driving skills but also the skill to repair when damaged. But it is true that if a person owns a car, then definitely at a time any of the part will be damaged. In that situation a person would like to take his car to mechanic. Now the mechanic will suggest for changing the parts that are damaged or he will ask him to buy “Spare part”, so that mechanic can replace the old part with the new spare part.

A person who is driving a car should have at least basic knowledge of the car parts or he should have skill set to repair when damaged. We shall now see the basic parts that you must know.

1) Hood

2) Mirrors

3) Header and nose panels

4) Radiator

5) Bumpers (front & back)

6) Headlights

7) Fenders

8) Doors

Let’s start one by one to gain more knowledge.

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1)Hood :

The hood which is also called as bonnet is the fabric cover over the Engine of motor vehicle.

Engine, battery, brake stuff, transmission, radiator, A/C compressor, power steering pump, alternator, windshield, wiper fluid reservoir etc are the parts which come under the hood.

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2) Headlights :

Headlights are also often called as head lamps. A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead.

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3) Bumper :

Bumper is a structure attached with front and rear ends of a motor vehicle, to absorb impact in a minor collision.

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There are two types of mirror in a car, one is wing mirror also called as side mirror, which is on the exterior of vehicles and second is rear-view mirror, a mirror in vehicles that allows the driver to see rearwards.

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5) Header

Headers are nothing but the exhaust pipes. Headers are one per cylinder, allowing this effect to create more power and more efficiency.

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6)Radiator :

Radiator is the one which cools the engine. Radiator are the heat exchangers used for cooling purpose, mainly in automobiles but also in railways locomotives, motorcycles, piston-engine aircraft.